(Forbes) Wines To Watch From Spain: Vino de Pago

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Os dejamos parte de la entrevista que Katie Kelly Bell realizó recientemente a Manuel Louzada para Forbes y, donde destaca, nuestros Hacienda de Arínzano Tinto 2011 y Hacienda de Arínzano Rosado 2015.

Indeed, according to Louzada, Spain is facing some issues with traditional classifications,

“largely because the bigger AOC’s are missing the most important thing which is importance of terroir. Look at Rioja, where price and quality are related to the amount of aging. Aging is not always a clear indicator of quality; sometimes too much aging actually can make a wine worse.”

Having a Vino de Pago designation gives Spain the chance to highlight the importance of vineyard site and terroir. To qualify for Pago status a winery or estate must prove three things: a history of winemaking; distinct terroir; and the ability to make wines of character and distinction. At Arinzano, which dates its winemaking back to the 11th century, the history was easy. In terms of terroir, explains Louzada, “the estate brings a beautiful elegance to the wines. We have a range of soils; we have unique topography and we also enjoy the influence of elevation. Best of all, we have a mountain range that funnels a dry wind to our property, bringing a cooling breeze and eliminating pests and disease”.

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