Señorío de Arínzano is a tribute to the X Centuries of History of the vineyards, planted in 1055 by Sancho de Fortuñones, Senior de Arínzano.

Limited edition of 600 bottles (only 300 bottles for sale), of an exceptionally handcrafted “Vin de Garage”.

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Made exclusively with TEMPRANILLO grapes of 20 rows of Peñazas 14 (30 years), with a unique combination of fresh climate and a particularly rich limestone soil. Double selection process, 2 weeks of contact with cold skin, 20 days of fermentation and crushing of feet. 22 months in French barrels of Bordeaux.


Señorío de Arínzano pays tribute to X centuries of vine growing in Pago de Arínzano. It is an exclusive wine, from 20 rows selected from our Peñazas 14 estate, which combines a cool climate with a calcareous soil. After a double selection of the grapes, in the field and in the winery, the frozen grapes are delicately deposited in a “winery” where they are left to marinate for 2 weeks. For 20 days alcoholic fermentation takes place, accompanied by foot treading that ensures perfect cryomaceration. After aging for 22 months in French oak barrels, the wine is fresh, elegant and vibrant, a pure expression of this unique terroir.

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