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Propiedad de Arínzano’s most precious creations


Señorío de Arínzano is a tribute to ten centuries of history in the Estate’s vineyards. It is an extremely rare wine, crafted solely with Tempranillo grapes under the prestigious Vino de Pago denomination born from 20 rows of Peñazas 14 Vineyard. In this vineyard, a unique combination of fresh climate and a soil particularly rich in limestone is found. After a precise double selection process at the winery, frozen grapes are delicately taken into a lagar where they go through cold skin contact during two weeks, followed by 20 days of fermentation and feet crushing to reach a perfect maceration. Aged for 22 months in Bordeaux barrels, this wine displays fully the freshness, elegance and vibrancy of a Tempranillo born in such a singular terroir.

Seven Wonders are a unique collection made up of seven different formats, ranging from 75cl to 15 liters. Only seven collections of the Seven Wonders were created for the entire world.

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Señorío de Arínzano


Señorío de Arínzano is an exceptionally artisanal Vin de Garage that pays tribute to ten centuries of history in the vineyards found in the property since 1055.

A rare edition limited to 600 bottles. Only 300 of them are available for sale.

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Extraordinary harmony refined by the elegance acquired throughout aging process both in barrels and in the bottle. Perfect balance, an elegant lightness that balances this wine’s power. Pure brilliance.

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gran vino tinto
la casona 2008


La Casona 2008 is a complex, elegant and harmonious wine that expresses the very essence of Propiedad de Arínzano. This wine embodies the perfect blend of two varieties that are best adapted to Propiedad de Arínzano terroir. The most sublime expression of Tempranillo and Merlot.

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A masterpiece of nature. This merlot created under organic agriculture standards shows all the potential that this varietal can offer when it is treated exclusively with natural processes, without artificial alterations either in the vineyard nor in the winery and avoiding intensive agriculture. A rare, elegant and complex wine for connoisseurs.

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merlot 2007