Propiedad de Arínzano is located in a valley formed by Pyrenees last foothills. Like in all great winemaking areas, Ega River cuts across the property beautifully, providing not only irrigation but also regulating temperature during summer, creating a unique microclimate.

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This unique microclimate provides perfect conditions for wine growing. 128 hectares, out of 355 hectares in the property, are dedicated to Pago wines production.


Atlantic influence with a high variation between daytime and nighttime temperatures in summer, regulated by Ega river.

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From the Atlantic Ocean and through the canyon between Urbasa and Andía mountains, the Cierzo (strong wind from the Cantabrian Sea) is attracted to our property, due to the temperature difference in Ega river. This wind clears humidity away and regulates temperatures in winter and in summer, when it is especially critical for maturation. This facilitates a slow grape maturation at our property, achieving optimal phenolic ripening at harvest time.


128 hectares of Arínzano vineyards, with a majority of Tempranillo and Chardonnay varieties, are located in an area of complex geology with different soil features. This scenario is a winemaker’s dream, as it provides different variables to play with in order to produce complex and high-quality wines.

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Soils at the property have a tertiary age origin with variable proportions of slimes, marl, clay and degradation of limestone-calcareous rock. The soil has little depth above the bedrock (maximum 30 to 40cm), forcing our grapevines to extend their roots in search of water and nutrients, which produces a little bit smaller grape with an excellent concentration and quality.

A natural vegetal cover and an excellent drainage system prevents the soil from being washed away during the rainy season.

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